We have scheduled a Standard trip to launch from Lees Ferry on March 19, 2008.

Day Camp that night Notes
Mar 19 Soap Creek hike
20 20.7 Mile Camp through the roaring 20’s
21 Nautiloid hike
22 Upper Nankoweap Explore
23 Cardenas hike ruins, Unkar, Nevill's, Sock, Grapevine
24 Lower Clear Creek hike
25 Lower Clear Creek hike
26 Granite Zoroaster, Phantom, Horn
27 Upper Bass Granite, Hermit, Crystal, gems
28 Randy's Rock Shimunu, Elve's, Blacktail
29 Pancho's Kitchen Specter, Bedrock, Dubie
30 Upper Ledges Doris, Kanab, Matkat, Upset
31 Stairway Canyon Hike Havasu
Apr 1 185 Mile Camp Lava
2 Parashant pictographs, hike
3 Pumpkin Springs drink, hike
4 222 Mile Camp drink
5 Diamond take out3 hour ride to Flag

River water stops available:

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