martin (pezynovsky) pecinovsky     1645 cz before 1690 11/29/1729 (84) mutice, catholic, noble born, married before 1690
  katerina sisskova           dist. mlada vozice,  
    1.vaclav         reg. tabor  
    2.franz fridrich ignatius            
antonin (pezynovsky) pecinovsky     1690 mutice, cz (mutitz?) 10/8/1715 1/24/1744-45? (54-55) mutice, catholic, married = high born and chaste young
  dorata swatosch           dist. mlada vozice, man, antonin pezynovsky with chaste virgin
    1.adalbertus         reg. tabor dorota, natural daughter of matous swatosch
    2.JOANNES           from the village mutice. Groomsman matej swatosch,
    3.marie anezka           brides brother, bridesmaid katerina daughter of
    4.franc           jan swatosch from mutice. Orator martin sluneco from chlystov
joannes (pezynovsky) pecinovsky     6/28/1716 mutice, cz before 1765 ? ? godfather: high born and esteemed district administrator
  ludmilla (?)             sisska from jamolice, lord in krtenovice, officer. Marie
    1.joseph           pecinovska from krtenovice. Witness fr. Jan from mutitz
    2.anna           baptist leopold. Christened jan pavel pecinovsky from mutitz
vaclav pecinovsky     9/20or22/1765 cz 11/11/1785 in wosna ?   occupation: freeholder. Godfather was wenceslaus pecinovsky
  anna sedlova       11/15/1785 in mostek     from mutitz. Baptized catholic.
    6.jan (?pezina)            
    (original had 8.josef&9.katerina)            
josef pecinovsky     1/27/1794 wosna #3, dist. Tabor,cz before 1789     baptized catholic. Came to u.s.a. 12/22/1854. Royal freeholder
  marie (zidove) zidkova             & village magistrate of tecka quarter.
    6.JAN (john)            
jan pecinovsky     9/4/1820 wosna #3, dist. Tabor, cz before 1845 10/21/1878 (58) spillville, IA moved from wosna#3 to zarici#6. Burial at st. clemens (no marker)
  antonie (antonia) (holubova) holub             or st. wenceslaus (no evidence of grave). Age 54 @ death would make
    1.ANTONIN 1845         dob 1824.
    4.marie           it seems that there must be duplicates etc with the children here
    7.jan (john)            
    8.frantisek j. 1858          
    9.michal 1862          
    10.antonin (?)            
    11.frantiska (frances) marie            
    12.frank 1866          
    14.kristina (christina)            
antonin pecinovsky     1845 bohemia 1868 (?) 4/1/1908 chgo (63) st adalberts occupation: 1880 lumberyard, 1900 laborer. Did not speak english
  marie (alias mary) svobodova   1850 bohemia   7/19/1925 st adelberts lived at 6663 s. michigan at time of death
    1.william pecina ?     1909    
    2.joseph j. pecina (?pacina) 1869   veronica or florence markatak 1933   wife veronica flora markatak (b bohemia). A vet children - anto b1895,
                joseph b1895, john b1897 d1935, louis b1899, dorothy, (possibly vernna & elizabeth)
    3.mary pecina 1876   robert lilian     child ida (?schumacher) who married robert lilian. Their children were robert &
                armin. (my mother remembers a ponchak? Name assosiated here
    4.anastasia 1878   james coran 1948   had a daughter mamie (b1897 d1960) who married charles schumacher. Their
                children were james, harold, eugene, raymond, charles
    5.ANTON pecina            
    6 emma ?1886            
anton pecina     1/17/1881 chicago 1904 12/?/1964 (83) mount carmel occupation:laborer, stock-keeper, paint factory. Lived at 2080 canalport,
  carolina cihon   10/23/1886       mount carmel 1923 lived at 1250 s. keeler
    1.joseph 10/9/1905 chicago lived long time w vera Dec-85 mount carmel livery driver
    2.laurence (midalis) 1911 chicago   12/27/1915 st adelberts  
    3.willy   chicago   an infant    
    4.MARYANN FRANCES 10/19/1914 chicago harry ryan     beautician
    5.thomas tba chicago violet tba queen of heaven manager at motorola children thomas, maryanne, mildred(mimi) and susan (deceased)
    6.helen tba chicago al norville 2001 california children joanne, lynn and ?
    7.margaret tba chicago delbert dumm     child donna
  maryann frances pecina   10/19/1914         this is my (henry j ryan) mother
henry (harry) joseph ryan     11/29/1912 chicago tba 7/3/1991 queen of heaven  
    HENRY JOSEPH RYAN 10/3/1938 chicago        
    judith jean 3/23/1940 chicago william gould     children will (m-elaine), bryan. Elizabeth
    robert lawrence 9/27/1943 chicago susan mannebach     robert, colleen
    james francis 3/24/1948 chicago gloria zimmer     lindsay, patrick
    mary beth 6/99/1953 chicago william rice     sean
henry j. ryan   10/3/1938 chicago 8/4/1959      
  kathleen patricia moran   11/29/1940 chicago   12/24/1991 queen of heaven  
    mary kathleen 4/23/1960 chicago   6/12/1960 queen of heaven  
    henry joseph ryan 6/26/1961 chicago brenda dickinson     children henry j ryan, michael, jonathon
    peg elizabeth 1/11/1963 chicago russ pusilo      
    timothy anton 2/6/1964 chicago karen blitt     children matthew (deceased), kelly, colleen, bill, cody
    gerald patrick 6/25/1966 chicago kim hrisko     children katelyn, ken
  kim elizabeth freeark   9/22/1954 chicago 1/27/1995     cats curley and madame cleo

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