1004X JG mod




original board
The daughter card: bottom
The daughter card: top
Original test mount:
new camera:

view showing ice holder

1004x in place:

1004X Images!

The Beehive

-C114HD at prime focus
-composite of 4 images

The Orion nebula

-C114HD at prime focus
-composite of 6 images

Lunar mosaic

-C114HD at prime focus
-composite of 12 video images


The central area of the Pleiades

-C114HD at prime focus
-stack of ~20 images

Pleiades - Celaeno & Electra mosaic
-Orion 8" f/5 at prime focus, no filters, sea level with seeing ~4
-stack of ~10 30 second images for each part, no dark or flat, levels adjusted and camera gradient minimized
-note that flare star V* NU Tau is just a smudge; apparently one of a number in M45
-some nebulosity apparent, but washed out with red wavelengths
 Full image

The Andromeda Galaxy

DSS1 reference image of M101 - The Pinwheel Galaxy

M101 - The Pinwheel Galaxy

-12 to 20 images at each of 8,16, 32, 48 & 64 seconds
-aligned and stacked in iMerge, 16 bit FITS output
-levels adjusted in Photoshop w/ FITS plug-in

Typical flat frame for the cooled 1004X

-H2O ice cooled; ~0 to 5C