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Baja California, Mexico

Catavina area [32K]
Desert landscape south of the town.

San Quintin area [11K]
Coastal two-track and fishing village north of town.

Parque National de Sierra San Perdro Martir

Possibly the biggest dirt vertical drop in North America!
The observatory road climbs from 800 feet to 9600 feet over 25 miles, with two 400 foot dips on the way, for a total of about 10200 feet of downhilling! Temperatures climb 30 degrees F as you decend.
Directions:80 miles south of Ensenada, turn East at San Telmo (El Observatorio).
Open meadows with trails and two-tracks off the main road at 8500 feet.

Dirt road above the entrance [57K]
~1500 vertical feet from the top.

Dirt road below the entrance [64K]
~2000 vertical feet from the top. The forest turns to open chapparal, canyons drop off to the left, and views extend for 50+ miles.


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