It is based on the python invented by Jürgen Mages, a center-steered low racer.

I wrote a program to try to see if it could be self-stable. It isn't. It is written in the computer language Python.

Jürgen Mages page
The discussion list
Dirk Bonne - 20" low python

Jürgen's list of python links:


Electrified. 250W motor ~ 25km/h flat cruise.

On the Mission Beach boardwalk

under construction

close-up of the pivot

after first test ride (note the handlebars - now removed)

more practice

even more practice

measuring the change needed

frame cut to new size

rear view mis-alignment after tack weld

finished, new geometry!
109cm wheelbase
40cm seat ht
47.5 BB ht
28.5cm trail

functionally complete

close-up of the BB and tube joints

close-up of the pivot and brake mounting


My experiences and recommendations for to others starting out:
(much of this is an echo of other's postings on the mail list)