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Laguna Mountains - Terraserver Image / USGS Topo

Cuyamaca and Mt. Laguna are 40 miles east of San Diego {8 east to 79 or S1}.

The DefinitiveMt. Laguna Trail Map [2.8MB] >>>>>>>>>>
A color-coded version of the Descanso Ranger District map. It distinguishes singletrack, dirt roads, restricted trails, private land, and paved roads. Contains topographic info.

A must for adventurous MTB'ers.

The Definitive Noble Canyon Trail Photo Map!
A digital orthophoto composite of the entire trail, from Sunrise Highway to Pine Valley Road.
For on-screen veiwing:
The Definitive Noble Canyon Trail Photo Map, side 1. (Upper section) [868K]
The Definitive Noble Canyon Trail Photo Map, side 2. (Lower section) [670K]
For printing:
The Hi-res Noble Canyon Trail Photo Map, side 1. (Upper section) [3.9Mb]
The Hi-res Noble Canyon Trail Photo Map, side 2. (Lower section) [3Mb]

Big Laguna trail, Mt. Laguna, Cleavland National Forest [19K]
Barry & Arnod above the lake.
Chico ravine, Mt. Laguna [33K]
Singletrack between the meadows and Agua Dulce camp.

Cuyamaca State Park [19K]
- Terraserver Image / USGS Topo
Fireroad trail southeast of the Peak. The author riding up, overlooking Green Valley, toward Mt. Laguna.
Cuyamaca State Park [19K]
Same fireroad trail southeast of the Peak. Beautiful, thick pine forest.
Cuyamaca Peak (from Mt. Laguna), Mt. Laguna [39K]
C. Peak, looking across Noble Canyon from Sunset Trail
Deer Valley, in the Lagunas [15K]
From Champagne pass, looking toward Cuyamaca Peak across the valley.
Escondido Ravine, Mt. Laguna [15K]
Bottom section of the old road.
Garnet Peak Trail, Mt. Laguna [21K]
Trail leading from Sunrise Hwy. (S2) at the Penny Pines/ Noble Canyon Trail parking area to Garnet Peak.
A moderate climb with great views!
Granite Spring Trail, Cuyamaca Park [32K]
Fire road trail south of the camp, bottom starts at route 79.
Granite Spring Trail [28K]
Singletrack trail north of the camp, switchbacks before the drop to Deer Park.
Indian Creek Trail, Mt. Laguna [19K]
From Champagne Pass, looking towards Mt. Laguna, about 4 miles west of Pioneer Mail picnic ground.
Kitchen Creek area, Mt. Laguna [15K]
Above the campground, looking towards Mexico, about 2 miles off of route 8 {up Kitchen Creek road}.
Laguna Lake, Mt. Laguna [15K]
From Big Laguna Trail.
Middle Peak, Cuyamaca State Park [28K]
Beautiful trail around the peak, dense forest, great hills.
Miller Ranch area, Chico Ravine, Mt. Laguna [27K]
Same as above, looking at the meadows.
Ridge trail above Escondido Ravine, Mt. Laguna [23K]
Great veiws to the east & west, starts at the Sunrise HWY.
Star Party trail, Mt. Laguna [21K]
Sweet singletrack from the SDSU observatories, off of S1.
Unmarked trail, Mt. Laguna [21K]
Trail off of the Old County Road.

California Riding and Hiking Trail, E San Diego Co. - Terraserver Image / USGS Topo
Culp Valley, Anza-Borrego State Park [10K]
Campsites where the trail passes through Culp Valley above Borrego Springs. A huge drop, ~4,000 feet in 10 miles of singletrack from Ranchita to the valley floor.
In some woods in a canyon above Sloane Canyon[24K]

Lookin down into Sloane canyon [23K]

Looking up the first canyon [16K]
Top of the trail is about 4 miles East of Jamul on the Skyline Truck Trail, bottom end connects to Harbison Cyn. Rd.

Sweetwater Canyon, SE San Diego - Terraserver Image / USGS Topo
Above the resevoir,[20K]
trails on both sides of the creek, enter from Route 94 at the bridge above Sweetwater Creek.
Along the resevoir,[10K]
(some rare fog),enter from Route 94 at the bridge above Sweetwater Creek.

San Diego River and El Capitan Lake, E San Diego
Anderson truck trail, above the resevoir,[23K]
trails on east sidets of the lake, enter from Harbison Canyon exit off 8, go under the bridge .
Above the resevoir,[44K]
on Eagle Peak truck trail between Cuyamaca Peak and the lake.
Panorama above the resevoir,West side[69K]
on the truck trail on the West side dropping 1,000 feet down to the lake the lake.
Old abandoned trail down Eagle Peak Road[39K]
On the truck trail to the San Diego river 1,000 feet down to the lake. Access is via Julian.

Painted Gorge, East San Diego county. - Terraserver Image / USGS Topo
Painted Gorge, E San Diego, [16K]
Off-road area, endless jumps and drop-ins {8 East to Plaster City, then North}.
Painted Gorge [21K]
Looking East from a hilltop, the Salton Sea is just past the ridge.
Painted Gorge [12K]
Typical hill descent amid rocks of amazing colors.
Painted Gorge [12K]
Brutal, long, steep descent, keep your butt on the rear tire.

Mission Trails & Sycamore Canyon, Santee
Mission Trails, Santee [38K]
Singletrack on west side of Sycamore Canyon, above the lakes {52 to Mast Blvd.}.
Mission Trails (missile site), Santee [38K]
Abandoned rocket test site off of Sycamore Canyon, ~2 miles North of Mast Blvd.
  Mission Trails map, Santee [87K]
16 color composite map of the Santee/ Mission Trails area.

San Diego, various locations.
Del Mar coastal trail, N. San Diego County [13K]
Trail between the RR tracks and the beach, extends from Torrey Pines State beach to Solana Beach, paved bike trails extend farther north to Carlsbad.
Horsetheif Canyon, E San Diego [22K]
Old trail and corral in a beautiful canyon bottom, top is at the fire station on Japatul Road, leads down to Barret Honor Camp.
La Costa lagoon [16K]
Trails around the lagoon, abundant water birds, La Costa exit off of I5.
Corte Madera valley [46K]
Trails around the fire tower, north of the Corral Canyon off-road vehicle area.
Lake Morena [66K]
Trails of the Corral Canyon off-road vehicle area, from the fire tower.

Otay Truck trail, SE San Diego [20K]

Terraserver Image / USGS Topo
Panoramic view at the top, near Doghouse Junction, looking south into Mexico and east to Tecate and the trail down, about1,800 feet.
Otay Truck trail, SE San Diego [20K]
True 45 degree drop-in at the East end, above abandoned Mocoga Ranch, after 12 miles of downhill.
Proctor Valley, SE San Diego [16K]
Tandeming in the valley, looking West at Otay Lake.
Solana Beach area, San Diego [15K]
Jumps and BMX area along the coast in north Solana along the 101.
UCSD par course area [18K]
The Hill By-Pass trail, next to Genessee Ave.
UCSD par course aerial photo-map [167K]
Definitive trail map, includes trail conditions, my favorite loop, etc.