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Brianhead Mountain/Virgin River Rim - some of the best riding anywhere!

BrianheadBrian Head, UT
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Southern Utah...

Calf Creek Canyon [20K]
Veiw from the top of a great canyon off of Route 12, a 5 mile trail to a waterfall!
Escalante Canyon [23K]
Small singletrack along the river.
John's Canyon, Mont-La-Sal Natl' Forest[24K]
Two-track, starts in the Valley of the Gods, off of Route 261.
Landsat image, Grand Canyon area [27K]
From the Digital Image Lab, U of A.
Moqui Dugway, Valley of the Gods {Route 261}[20K]
1,150 vertical feet of dirt switchbacks up to the mesa {Route 261}.


Moab/ Arches Area - SE Utah

BullCanyon, North of Moab [15K]
Box canyon with the Gemini bridges at the head, trailhead is near Seven Mile Road.
Gemini Bridges, North of Moab [8K]
A nice ride to two matched bridges, trailhead off of Seven Mile Road.
Klondike Bluffs, Arches area [14K]
This ride includes valleys, dinosaur tracks, lots of slickrock, and a wide veiw of Arches N.P.
Slickrock Trail, East of Moab [12K]
Yours truly, on the practice loop with the Henry mountains behind me.
Slickrock Trail [16K]
A veiw North along the trail towards the Colorado River.
Slickrock Trail [10K]
Steep but easy descents all over, here's an example.



Cedar Mesa Area - SE Utah

Anasazi kiva, Woodenshoe Canyon, Mont-La-Sal Natl' Forest (South of Powell Res.)[13K]
Well preserved site, just above the trail.
Dark Canyon, Mont-La-Sal Natl' Forest [19K]
Two-track, east of Rig canyon.
Kigalia Point, Mont-La-Sal Natl' Forest [24K]
Two-track through aspen groves, near the Bear's Ears, overlooks Dark & Peavine canyons.
Kigalia Point, Mont-La-Sal Natl' Forest [27K]
Easy, beautiful rides in the Fall all over this area.
Peavine Canyon, Mont-La-Sal Natl' Forest [22K]
Beautiful singletrack through aspen groves, descending from 8,000 feet near the Bear's Ears.



White Rim Trail

Mineral Canyon [15K]
Ridable uranium mines are here! Up from Mineral Bottom on the Green River.
Murphy's Hogback, Canyonlands, 20 miles from Moab [23K]
White Rim trail up the hogback, scale is deceptive, tough climb.
Murphy's Hogback (top veiw), Canyonlands [16K]
Looking South, down the same trail, most walk! (also on the cover of MTB mag.)
Murphy's Hogback (top veiw), Canyonlands [17K]
Looking North, back up the Green River canyon
Shaffer Trail (top veiw), Canyonlands [12K]
Descends 1500 feet from the visitor center to the White Rim and Potash Road
White Rim Trail, Canyonlands [16K]
Trail veiw near Labrinth camp, along the Green River.
White Rim Trail, Canyonlands [22K]
Switchbacks above Potato Bottom, along the Green River.


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