U.S. Army Air Corp 504th bomb group, Tinian

Most all photos were taken in 1945 by Raymond R. Schumacher,
Navigator, First Lieutenant, 20th AF, 313th Bomb Wing, 504th Bomb Group (Circle-E).
Service: 17 Feb. 1943 - 17 Mar. 1946, #02068876

The War Room


The 504th bomb group was based on Tinian Island and flew over a hundred missions to the Japanese Islands. These images were scanned from original 4" prints. Identifying the planes with their nose art pictured below is one of the reasons for this page, if you can, please do and E-Mail me at:
rays aaat blue-cove.com (<- anti-spam version)
I have a lot of photos of the islands, missions, and daily life at the time, and more will be forthcoming.

The 504's scoreboard
The 504's scoreboard - closeup
The 504's final scoreboard just a little later - closeup


The base - Tinian

"A view of the base"

"A part of North field with Saipan in the background."

"504th Group area from the Supply hill."

"Our quonset hut, we built the porch."

"504th Thor theatre with Flinchie in the foreground."

A long row of B-29s

Another row from the front

A number of B-29s flying over the Group area

The runway asphalt plant on Tinian

A view of the harbor

"A close-up of part of the harbor and docks."

The Alexander Mitchell in Tinian harbor

A few rows of B-24s on the island

"B-29 engines in supply dump"

A photo of "the rack and covering of the atomic bomb", evidently while it was on the tarmack

Fliers of the B-29s

Another page is dedicated to airmen.

B-29 nose art

An 112th SeaBees Plane being towed on the runway
Close-up of the art of the above plane

A pic of Holly Hawk's nose art while standing on the port wing

Photos from the Pacific theater

"MacArthur's G.H.Q., Tokyo, Dec 1945"

A nice pic of the starboard engines of a B-24 in flight

Iwo Jima from the air, before landing

Mount Saribachi from the runway

"Iwo landing strip" with some 504th planes

A photo of Marshall Island natives

A sniper aiming at Japanese holdouts on Saipan

"Saipan Harbor, Cargo Ship, Sept 1945"

Captured Japanese planes

A "Tony"

A "Betty" bomber from the interior

"Jap soldiers at aerodrome near Tokyo. Jap Zeke in background. Dec 1945"

" Jap transport planes. Almost like the American AT-7. Tokyo Dec 1945"

More Japanese transport planes with out camoflage

Japanese transport plane interior photo


Japanese main islands from the air

Osaka, the light areas are burned out, dark areas are standing buildings, bomb craters in the foreground

Yawata, mostly burned

Yawata, harbor area was mined previously, ships in the photo are all sunk

Yawata, from another pass

The Emporer's palace, after occupation

The emblem of the 504th

"Those who are virtuous command"

(The image of the 504's emblem is derived from the 504 web page by
421st BS veteran Robert Casseday (dleon@owt.com) at:

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