CCD Astronomy Imaging with inexpensive CMOS and CCD devices inspired or developed by the QCUIAG (Quickcam and unconventional imaging astronomy group).

[an image from the 1004x]

My latest camera is the "1004X JG mod", based on the 1004X from RF Concepts and modification work by Jon Grove.

The modification is in turn indebted to Steve Chambers, who has developed other modified cameras and has intellectual rights to the work.

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[a frame captured from the X10]

My first camera was the X10 Nightwatch, a CMOS low-light b/w imager, very cheap and easy to use.

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[a frame captured from the X10]

Other equipment

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Light pollution map of S. California ------>

Full North America LP map
North America light map 2.8MB
European light map 2.8MB

* (The page background image is M1, the Crab nebula, captured by the 1004X; numbers are the visual red magnitudes of stars.)